Over the years, were are gradually learning new ways to improve personal hygiene. As such, we are going to touch-up on a routine can happen at any time — the call of nature. Going number one is pretty much fool-proof because we just let it run its course. For those who can spare a few more seconds, maybe wipe off the remaining moisture. Number two is more challenging in a sense, because of the cleanup job that comes right after. Therefore, it’s time to make it a little easier with the help of the Sonny portable bidet.

For centuries mankind has been using various stuff to wipe our bums clean. The invention of toilet paper continued to enforce that wiping is the only the way to go. However, studies tell us that this practice is akin to that of just spreading peanut butter all over. In other words, one big mess. Water is the best way to get all of the nasty stuff off. Those who have tried using a bidet can attest to its effectiveness and now you can have one handy in your pocket.

Installing a bidet at home means that you are saving a lot of money on toilet paper. Moreover, less usage means that it’s better for the environment. Sadly finding one can be difficult when you travel so the Sonny portable bidet is there to help. This portable personal cleaning gadget sports an anodized aluminum tube with a refillable water tank inside. A compact motorized pump sprays water out the business end and can last up to three weeks on a single charge. The set even includes a stylish charging dock that holds it horizontally while juicing up.

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Images courtesy of Sonny