As one would expect from the capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing is as crowded as you can get. The staggering number of people, transportation, commercial establishments, and other urban elements can become too stressful over time. Thus, Robot3 Studio positions the Songfeng Pavilion in the outskirts away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

The simple yet striking building stands on a hillside plot in the Huairou District. It’s a project nestled, in the Yishanzhu B&B Resort smack in the middle of nature. The picturesque landscape surrounding the Songfeng Pavilion is framed by majestic mountains and fruit trees. Furthermore, it overlooks vast plains.

When night falls, the location evokes a feeling of serenity with spectacular views of the stars in the sky and the lights of the city over at the distance. According to Robot3 Studio, this A-frame plan functions as a minimalist modern hut for visitors who hike up the mountain.

Furthermore, workers who take care of the trees likewise use it to take a break from their tasks. The Songfeng Pavilion’s primary purpose is to provide shelter from the elements. It is designed mindfully to ensure minimal impact on the environment during construction. A persimmon tree that is purportedly 100 years old marks the entrance.

The floor is elevated with support from stilts to allow vegetation to grow underneath. Meanwhile, the stealthy façade of the Songfeng Pavilion comes from black linoleum cladding to keep it waterproof. Large glass windows provide natural lighting for the volume within. We like the way its A-frame roof splits into an M-shape toward the other side.

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Images courtesy of Robot3 Studio