After SONDORS launched the Metacycle a few years ago, it got us hyped for whatever sequel they had in mind. Thankfully, the company finally brings us the MetaBeast X for their 2024 model year. This dual-sport electric moto promises top-notch capabilities geared for the streets, track, and trails. Enjoy each ride minus the noise and emissions of traditional motorcycles.

You might be asking what makes this eco-friendly two-wheeler so special. Similar to the STILRIDE 1, which we featured recently, the manufacturer points out that their aircraft-grade aluminum exo-frame is special. Instead of your typical fabrication process, the metal undergoes a proprietary single-piece casting method to build.

The results show a seamless design minus any blemishes from weld spots. Moreover, it makes the MetaBeast X chassis robust and ergonomic. An upside-down fork and monoshock rear suspension ensure adequate cushioning on various types of terrain.

SONDORS equips their machine with an electric motor rated at 18 kW that generates up to 44.25 lb-ft of torque. Powering the green powertrain is a 96V 55 Ah battery lasting up to 78 miles on a single charge at a speed of 31 mph. If you’re wondering, the MetaBeast X can hit a top speed of 75 mph.

Both ends of the e-bike are outfitted with wire wheels shod in chunky off-road rubber. Instead of mounting the digital display on the handlebars, SONDORS is positioning it on the main pipe. Status and performance telemetry are viewable here. The outline of this section transitions smoothly into the saddle to give the MetaBeast X a sleek profile.

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Images courtesy of SONDORS