Designer Julian Topor looked far beyond the skies for his design inspiration for the Solus Lamp and came up with a rather sci-fi take on the humble table lantern. The outcome is one that borders between creepy and uniquely stylish, nonetheless boasting modern functionality. 

This is a lamp inspired by the orbiting planets over the sun and designed to adapt to the user’s lighting needs. In this case, a sphere that houses the bulb serves as the sun and the four movable curved plates surrounding it are the planets. These plates when moved around the sphere allow the user to adjust the spread of the light.

These metal plates move independently of each other so you can cover parts of the sphere and leave some exposed. You can have three-fourths of the light shine from different areas of the ball or open the covers a quarter making it eerily resemble an eyeball.

Understandably, spreading the covers out all over the sphere produces no light. This design of the Solus Lamp allows the user to have precise control over where and how the light is distributed. As for the brightness, the base of the lamp has a ring slider that lets the user adjust the brightness level. The base is also spacious enough to hold your keys and other small EDC items. 

The Solus Lamp definitely takes a flexible approach to single-purpose lamps and even comes in a stylish silhouette worthy to become a centerpiece in your living room or bedroom. 

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Images courtesy of Julian Topor/Behance