No need to fret if you missed out on some exclusive whiskey releases early this year. There’s always something new to look forward to too when it comes to amber spirit. As long as you’re not snobbishly picky about the label, there are outstanding options out there like The Craft & Co’s Solera Aged Whiskey.

The Australian distillery behind this blend shares that this is a seven-year project which is now ready for whiskey enthusiasts to enjoy. No dawdling here as this launch is exclusive to 500 bottles only. We believe this makes a wonderful addition to any collection.

Moreover, it’s best to serve and sip with friends who share the same taste in alcohol as you. Dark and light malted grains undergo double pot distillation and mature in Oloroso sherry casks, acacia vats, and cherry vats. This Solera Aged Whiskey from The Craft & Co is described as “rich and clean golden amber to the eye.”

It’s bottled at 56% cask strength and each container holds 700 ml of the liquid. Starting with the nose, a whiff reveals aromatics of heavily toasted coffee rinds, ripe bananas, and pecan. A sip distributes hints of dried raisins, stewed quince, and burnt orange. The Solera Aged Whiskey then finishes off with toasted mocha and toffee.

“We’re so proud of this first-ever whisky release which has been seven years in the making. Our distilling team have toiled over this batch since we first opened our doors in Collingwood all those years ago, to now release this spectacular cask-strength Solera Aged Whiskey for everyone,” says founder and lead distiller Paul Baggio.

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Images courtesy of Solera Aged WhiskeyCraft & Co