In the ongoing campaign against climate change, we’ve already seen significant innovations made by experts in various fields. Expect higher capacity batteries, improved waste material recovery for recycling, and alternative power generation methods for the grid. A startup called Soleolico shares details about its fantastic hybrid platform to harvest clean energy and more.

The company is combining multiple systems such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and advanced materials to filter carbon emissions from the air. So far everything described by the group appears to be on the bleeding edge of the tech industry and is potentially the most feasible solution with negligible to zero impact on our environment.

Soleolico claims that it took their team more than a decade to come up with a concept. Subsequently, 30 prototypes were created, and multiple patents were submitted before they settled with the final design. In its standard form, it looks like a tower with a trellis frame wherein a rotating hub is mounted.

The latter then features three arms with solar panels shaped like wings with built-in sensors that automatically orient their position for optimal performance. Hence, it can theoretically continue to generate electricity as long as there is sunlight and wind.

Soleolico’s vertical axis wind turbine is available in three models. We already detailed the first type, which leaves us with two more. Instead of a freestanding frame, the second configuration allows it to be mounted on top of power transmission lines. Finally, the Bespoke option gets a 3D-printed cover crafted out of PURE.TECH by LaMáquina.

Therefore, what we have on our hands is a clever arrangement of eco-friendly technologies to produce electricity and purify the air. As its efficiency improves over time, more countries might commission Soleolico to build an array of units to supply their grid with renewable energy and remove airborne pollutants from their surroundings.

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Images courtesy of Soleolico