Over time, the motivation to stay fit or lose weight dwindles as activities begin to feel boring. Most gym rats and fitness buffs like to try out new and more difficult exercises to actively challenge themselves. Then there are others who choose more interactive means, which the Solelp concept provides.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, both gaming and home workout programs surged in popularity. Since social distancing mandates kept people indoors, there was a growing demand for entertainment and health-oriented activities. So far, many companies are eager to cash in on the hype which continues to date.

Instead of the options available right now, what the Solelp advertises is eventually possible as various technologies improve. South Korean industrial designer MJ Park envisions a device that uses sensors, cameras, motion controls, and a companion app to offer a low impact fitness routine.

We can clearly see the influences behind its functionalities, which it borrows heavily from gaming. The Solelp is a combination of a yoga mat, a sensor bar with a phone/tablet stand, and two controllers. Gamers will notice that it’s a hybrid of a Konami Dance Pad, Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, and Nintendo’s Wii Remote/Joy-Cons.

Taking elements from these platforms, the Solelp refines everything into a cohesive system. Renders of the concept show the users perform yoga. A virtual instructor visually guides you via your mobile device on how to execute the poses. Furthermore, embedded LEDs on the touch-sensitive mat indicate where your hands or feet should be.

Depending on your activity, the wireless controllers may come into play. There are anchor points to hold resistance bands and buttons to toggle on-screen options. When not in use, these can slip into their respective charging cradles on the Solelp bar.

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Images courtesy of MJ Park