E-book reading has just gotten more immersive and high-tech with the innovative Sol Reader. It lets you read in comfort without the physical and sometimes bulky e-book reader tiring your hands.

Instead, what you get is a headset that may look like that of the gaming VR headset. But it’s much lighter at just 104 grams. It feels more like you’re wearing sunglasses. You can also read according to your desired position, even lying down, with the addition of an adjustable silicone nose bridge designed to fit you comfortably. Unlike a VR headset, it requires no strap so you can read for hours on end.

Then there’s the remote that pairs with the Sol Reader via Bluetooth. The ergonomic design sits in your hand comfortably so you can scroll through the pages. The remote is easy to use and lets you save bookmarks and adjust display settings.

Speaking of the display, optics for this reader mimic the experience of reading on paper. The page appears at a safe and comfortable distance before you in E-ink (not colored) display side-lit by warm white LEDs. You can also adjust the brightness. Best of all, the pancake lenses work for a wide adjustable diopter range so there’s no need to wear contact lenses or glasses.

The Sol Reder works with its own Sol mobile app where you can seamlessly manage your e-books, articles, and other reading materials. The app also has access to settings, tech support, and accounts. Lastly, it recharges via a USB-C port that runs for 25 hours on a 2-hour full charge. It is available in Black, Silver, Rose Gold, and Dark Blue colors.

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Images courtesy of Sol Reader