A good knife is certainly the most valuable piece of gear to bring along when hitting the outdoors. A good knife with built-in LEDs is even better. Say hello to the SOG Bladelight Camp Knife ($60,00).

Built by Seattle based SOG -an award winning company that makes knives used by law enforcement and military personnel- the Bladelight is no joke. It has a total length of 9.2″, with a 4.5″ straight edge fixed blade made of stainless steel that cuts cleanly and sharpens easily. Weighing in at just 4.3 oz, the knife has a satin finish, and it features an ergonomically contoured handle, crafted from glass-reinforced nylon with a rubber over mold. And here’s what has us sold: 6 intensely bright LED lights molded into the handle -three on each side of the blade- with an output of 30 lumens, providing light when cutting or flashlight capability (while sheathed or closed). The Bladelight runs on one AAA battery, it’s IPX-7 rated for water resistance to full immersion, it has a kydex sheath with built-in sharpener, and it looks like it means business!

SOG Bladelight Camp Knife 1

SOG Bladelight Camp Knife 2

SOG Bladelight Camp Knife 3

SOG Bladelight Camp Knife 4

SOG Bladelight Camp Knife 5