Coffee tables used to be just big lumpy wooden things that sat on the living room floor and provided a flat surface to put stuff on. The Sobro Cooler Coffee Table ($550) is completely different. Unlike the old-fashioned furniture of yesteryear, Sobro has a large refrigerated drawer for keeping your beverages cold and convenient.

That in itself should make it an indispensable man-cave item, but Sobro is also designed for the digitally connected lifestyle. It has two, built-in Bluetooth speakers which connect to your devices or smart TV, while the LED lights underneath let you customize the mood-setting ambiance. Underneath the tempered glass top of the Sobro is a touch control interface for managing the Bluetooth, lights, audio, and the temperature for the refrigerated drawer.

Sobro has two USB charging ports to keep your devices powered up and there are also two 110v outlets built right into the table for laptop or other appliances. A couple of smaller storage drawers keep up with remotes, power cords, or what-have-you. The Sobro coffee table is a sleek simplistic design that can fit well in just about any decor. Setup is easy. Screw on the legs, plug this baby into a wall outlet, and you are ready to spend a whole day lying on the couch.