When snows like crazy, nobody wants to be stuck shoveling the white stuff. Not only is it freezing outside, but you also have better things to do indoors. Unless you want fresh powder to pile up, bust out the Snowbot S1 and step back in the warmth of your home. This automated helper will handle all the backbreaking stuff while you just relax.

Honestly, the concept is nothing new, but the manufacturer claims their product is the world’s first of its kind. We’re sure there are already industrial-grade machines, but this is apparently the only one available for home use. Just like your robot vacuum, lawnmower, and others like it, the Snowbot S1 is autonomous.

This means you can just let this bad boy take care of your driveway, yard, and sidewalk without worry. Of course, you can always take over some of its functionalities remotely. The companion app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Use it to check the snow blower’s battery, sensors, and configure its functionalities.

If you’re bored and want to manually control the Snowbot S1, it’s possible. Just like a video game, use the supplied controller to operate the robot. Treads ensure full mobility and grip even on slippery surfaces. Other inclusions inside the package are three stick beacons for positioning purposes.

Set your cleaning plan and the Snowbot S1 will take care of the rest. A full charge of its powerful lithium-ion battery is enough for 1.5 hours of continuous clearing of an area up to 1,500 square feet. Depending on the depth of the snow, runtime might be shorter.

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Images courtesy of Hanyang Technology Company