This Cast Iron Sandwich Skillet from Snow Peak is a versatile and modular cooking tool. It can serve up anything from grilled sandwich and vegetables to heavy protein meals, be that indoors at home in the kitchen or outdoors, while camping or on a picnic.  

Its modular functionality means it can be used for a variety of cooking styles. It features two sides that can be locked together so you can make a sandwich press. You can also separate the sides for individual cooking. Each side includes a detachable handle making it very convenient when you want to cook different food either together or independently.

Snow Peak’s Cast Iron Sandwich Skillet also offers different finishes. One side features a smooth surface for effortless non-stick cooking while the other side comes with high ridges, perfect for achieving those coveted grill marks. The ridges also allow you to sear food while elevating it above drippings.

Moreover, each side doesn’t take up a lot of space, just approximately half the space of Snow Peak’s Fireplace Grill Bridge L. It also makes a great modular addition to the outdoor gear brand’s Takibi Fire & Grill.

Snow Peak’s Cast Iron Sandwich Skillet is crafted from durable ductile cast iron with a heat-resistant silicon coating. It is durable enough to withstand the rigors of both outdoor and indoor cooking. It is also lightweight at just 5kg and compact, with the plate lid and the skillet measuring 14.2” ×11”×1″ and 14.2”×10.9”×2.2”, respectively. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate into various cooking setups, whether you’re using it with a fireplace, a grill burner, or teppanyaki burner. 

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Images courtesy of Snow Peak