It normally requires several drops of ice cubes to make iced cold drinks, whether this be coffee, tea, spirits, juice, or soda. The downside is you get the diluted version of your drink because of the melted ice. Sure, you can use metal ice cubes but it wouldn’t be practical if you’re serving a large group. The Snapchill Coldwave Beverage Chiller, on the other hand, may be a better option in this situation.

This product promises to cool even the hottest drinks in just under 90 seconds and in 30 seconds for room temperature drinks like wine or other spirits. Its dubbed the “ultimate beverage chiller” because it serves iced drinks without dilution, so you can still enjoy the bitter taste of coffee or tea, or still taste the frizz coming off your soda. 

The Snapchill Coldwave Chiller cools your drink while maintaining its original taste. It cools hot beverages from 180F to 380F in under 2 minutes. There’s no dilution because it doesn’t use ice. It comes in two parts: a pitcher and a plastic insert.

The pitcher is where you pour the drink you want cooled down. Meanwhile, the insert features an array of white tubes filled with water. This you have to freeze beforehand in the freezer overnight or for max of ten hours. Simply pour your drink in the pitcher and then dunk in the plastic insert inside.

The Snapchill Coldwave Chiller works great for cold brew too since most cold brew recipes call for it to be at room temperature while brewing to allow extraction. This means at half-brew cycle the mixture is in room temperature and can easily be chilled inside the pitcher. 

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Images courtesy of Snapchill