Kitchen knife sharpeners have evolved over time from their humble beginning as a stone block. Their designs have become varied though they share the same purpose. The Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener for one makes the process less mundane and more fun with its unique application. 

As its name implies, this sharpener requires you to roll the sharpener so it can do its job. It comes in two parts: the diamond-coated sharpening disc and the magnetic holder. Its process is also fairly simple and safe, preventing accidental knicks or cuts that normally come with traditional block sharpeners.

The Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener sharpens traditional (daily use) and specialty blades effortlessly using the 20° and 15° sharpening angles on the magnetic holder, respectively. This way, ensuring a uniform angle over the entire cutting edge. Choose your desired angle and stick the blade to the holder, making sure it is flush with the table with the cutting edge facing up.

Then roll the diamond-coated sharpening disc along the knife until the tip until you get the desired result. Diamonds is the hardest, most effective sharpening stones and it removes the first layer of the knife’s edge with fine diamond abrasives. The grit size of D35 is perfect for base grinds and resharpening your knife.

Initial sharpening usually takes five to six minutes but follow-up sharpening at just a minute. When it comes to honing the knife’s edge, flip the roller to the the other corner to reveal a stainless steel helix disc and it gets the job done in three to four strokes. The proprietary stainless steel helix disc removes the burr of your knife’s edge and any leftover grinding particles after the base sharpening. This results in a finer edge for more precise cutting that preserves food’s flavors. The Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener revives old blades and its precise enough to protect the surface of Damascus knives and other artisan cutlery. 

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Images courtesy of Tumblerware