Do you know anyone who does not like pizza? If so, why? It’s so difficult to resist a slice or more and the combinations available are virtually endless. There are even dessert options if you know where to order. However, for those who want to prepare one themselves at home, Everdure presents the KILN R Series Oven and the aptly named Pizza Station.

With these two in your kitchen arsenal, get ready to host awesome make-your-own pizza parties for as long as you live. All you need is a recipe, ingredients, and the duo we just mentioned to enjoy a freshly baked pie in the most convenient way possible. Nothing beats homemade goodness and Everdure knows it.

Starting with the Pizza Station, this freestanding table is handy when you want to cook indoors or outdoors. Four multi-directional casters (two are lockable) and metal side handles make it easy to move around although it weighs a hefty 157 lbs. Meanwhile, the dimensions are listed as 1400 mm x 640 mm x 965 mm to give you an idea of the space it takes up.

It comes with five removable trays to hold ingredients, a stainless-steel tabletop surface, slide-out steel shelves to store cooked or uncooked pizzas, and plenty of storage. The KILN R Series Oven first just right with enough room to prep your pie. Speaking of which, the two-burner pizza oven turns the baking process into an almost effortless endeavor.

Everdure equips the KILN R Series Oven with a rotating turntable which can be powered directly from the outlet or five AA batteries rated to last up to 50 hours. The body is dual-insulated to keep the heat focused within its walls. Two U-shaped burners can reach temperatures of up to 752°F to cook pizzas in less than two minutes. 

As you can see, the Pizza Station and KILN R Series Oven are great items to have handy at home. The latter is available in Stone, Graphite, and Terracotta colors. Once you master the art of making homemade pizza, say goodbye to deliveries and save money to order other awesome items from Everdure.

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Images courtesy of Everdure