Single malt scotch brand Smokehead wants you to savor every sip of your whiskey with the Smoke Mask. Shaped like a mask, this whiskey glass covers the mouth and nose for the ultimate sensory experience. 

This bespoke drinking glass was designed by artist and glassblower Elliot Walker, the winner of season two of the Netflix show “Blown Away.” It is hand-blown from black glass and has a twisted silver base adorned with a gold skull seal on the front, paying homage to the overall Smokehead aesthetic.

Smokehead chief Michael Brown said the Smoke Mask is designed as such so “you’re hit with aromas and flavors at the same time” so “you face a deeper, heighted experience of whiskey.” The distinct shape heightens the nosing and tasting experience and of course, is a testament to the brand’s ethos that it “never limits the ways its whiskey can be enjoyed.”

Brown hopes that the Smoke Mask will be so aspirational that it also entices drinkers of other malts to get their hands on it. While it may not be the most practical way to drinking whiskey, it surely offers a unique experience. Plus, it looks unique and stylish at the same time, a standout design that would definitely get a second look when displayed along your other whiskey glasses in your home bar.

Smokehead is a single malt scotch brand owned by Ian Macleod Distillers, the company behind distilleries like Tamdhu, Rosebank, and Glengoyne. The Smoke Mask is not available in the U.S. until 2024 but you can get a preview of its design below.

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Images courtesy of Smokehead