Does drinking the same old booze feel boring? When it eventually does, give other labels a try. Meanwhile, have you ever tried cocktails? Learn to mix a few recipes to impress family and friends. For those who want to take the craft even further, make sure to grab the Slate Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit.

The Crafty Cocktail is a one-stop shop for enthusiasts of mixed drinks — both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Though most prefer to stick with established recipes, only true mixologists are open to trying new methods that deliver unique experiences. The Slate Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit should do the trick.

This method is nothing new, but it may seem daunting for the average drinker. Just like how people enjoy the smoky aroma and flavor in their food, cocktails are no exception. What the Slate Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit offers is an all-in-one package to infuse your beverage of choice.

What ships in the box are a 12” x 7.25” x 0.63” slate serving tray, a glass smoking dome, a premium handheld butane torch, a 3-ounce pack of smoking chips sourced from a whiskey barrel, and a cocktail glass. Since we’re dealing with flammable items here, just take the necessary precautions before starting.

The Crafty Cocktail designed the Slate Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit to be as user-friendly as possible. The process is straightforward and even a novice can handle it. Just stick with the directions and you should be good to go.

Place your drink on the serving tray, put some smoking chips beside it, light it up with the butane torch, cover with the glass dome, wait a bit, take off the cover, and enjoy! The Slate Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit makes a great gift for the expert or aspiring mixologist.

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Images courtesy of The Crafty Cocktail