We’re well into January and it has been one awesome announcement after another in the luxury space. There’s no shortage of rare hypercars, supercars, and vintage rides heading to auction since the start of 2022. If it were up to SkyStyle and Denison Yachting, the wealthy could soon be sailing the seas aboard the Unique 71.

This 233-foot vessel strikes a sleek profile as the bow tapers into a fine wedge. A view from above shows a sharp outline that cuts through water like a dagger. The blueprint for this upscale ship was finalized by Max Pardo and Lucas Colombo. Its fine lines and elegant interiors will surely pique the interests of affluent clients.

With the rich now flexing their wealth beyond the automotive scene, private jets and fine watercraft are the modern hallmarks of success. For lightweight stability, the plan is to use aluminum for the superstructure and monohull. Hence the Unique 71 is supposedly capable of speeds between 30 knots or 25 knots courtesy of twin diesel engines.

The main deck features a pool with sunbeds toward the aft. Meanwhile, a motorized section lifts up to provide shade for the beach club below with a garage for your toys. If the salty sea air and heat becomes stifling, step inside the main and sky lounge. Wraparound privacy glass provides panoramic views like no other.

Climb up the winding stairs to reach the roof deck helipad. Additional sunbeds surround a jacuzzi so you can hang out with guests here. The 43-foot beam provides the Unique 71 enough volumes to house up to 12 people in luxe accommodations while a crew of 17 can take the nine cabins below deck. Other amenities include a gym, a sauna, and a 12-seat theater.

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Unique 71 Side view Unique 71 Lounge Unique 71 Angle view Unique 71 Beach cClub Unique 71 exterior

Images courtesy of SkyStyle/Denison Yachting