If you thought the annual consumer electronics show was still just all about tech, then we’ve got cool news to share. Over the years, the expo was open to more than just the stuff that makes your life convenient at home. For example, electric vehicles and other sustainable mobility platforms are now mainstays. To illustrate, there’s the Bon Voyage from LG.

The South Korean firm may have dropped out of the Android OEM scene, but it remains one of the top global brands for several types of electronics. It’s also a top supplier of display panels used by various industries as well as batteries. However, a travel trailer is not exactly what anyone would expect from them.

Still, every company is diversifying their portfolio anyway. LG entering the recreational vehicle space may not be seen as a threat by established names in the business. Yet, it gives consumers more options when it comes to compact campers. The Bon Voyage measures 6.6 feet wide, 12.5 feet long, and 7.2 feet high.

It seems the Cybertruck’s geometric motif might have rubbed off here as well. What some of you might not know is that this is a follow-up to the model they launched in 2023. Taking into account the feedback from clients, the 2024 version of the Bon Voyage is just the right size for small to large vehicles to tow.

According to reports, LG did not specify a standard floor plan, but the cabin can be outfitted according to the needs of the buyer. Depending on the amenities required, it’s possible to come up with an optimal layout for everything. Meanwhile, the demo unit sported a lift gate and tailgate which opened to reveal a bar.

Until official specifications are published, it’s safe to assume the 2024 Bon Voyage is engineered for eco-friendly camping. Solar panels can be mounted to harvest clean energy to recharge its batteries or the trailer can be hooked up to an EV to supply its power requirements.

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Images courtesy of LG