In 2019, before Sky-haven and the Sloodie, an article came out about America’s dysfunctional love affair with the travel pillow. It was such an interesting article because it covered the broad spectrum of unique and outlandish travel pillows available at the time and how much frequent travelers rely on them, while at the same time, travelers surveyed that they wanted absolutely nothing to do with them.

It’s really a love–hate relationship that humans have with current travel pillows because we all have had times when we wanted to sleep on a packed plane or the back seat of a bus and although it was far from perfect, we were able to catch some unfulfilling sleep with one of those uncomfortable U-shaped travel pillows. 

Well, that is now behind us, fortunately! There is something new on the horizon and the best way to describe it is a cozy hoodie that gently hugs you back while you rest. The Sloodie “Sleep Hoodie.” A big thank you to whoever invented this – more to come on that.

Dare we say, this “incredible” replacement for a travel pillow actually helps you sleep more deeply and may alleviate some of the stress that flying on a crowded airliner these days can cause.

You wear the Sloodie like any hoodie basically, yet it has these super unique fabric arm slings on each side of your body that you slide your elbows into – and then your wrists and hands kind of fall naturally into place across your belly within the kangaroo pocket in the front. It will take you a minute or two to get used to sliding your elbows into these side pockets, but once you do it a couple of times, it surprisingly feels intuitive. 

Surprisingly, it’s because travel pillows in the past have never truly felt natural…

The best part is – if you are done resting, or don’t want to use the armrest portion of the Sloodie, you can take the corners of the elbow slings and tie them together with a basic overhand knot. Then you just tuck that lower portion up into the neck area to keep it looking clean and out of the way. Sky-haven also offers a sweet throw bag to quickly stuff your hoodie into!

I reached out to Nick Stackhouse, designer of the Travel Sloodie who had this to share about the product and the vision behind it…

“The Sloodie was originally designed for longer flights, international flights because who doesn’t want to catch some quality rest on a 12-hour flight to Paris? With the Sloodie, the primary focus was on user comfort and the product’s ability to adapt to a traveler’s sleeping needs more than anything –  we are all unique sleepers, especially when it comes to sleeping while sitting upright, and therefore we need the product to be able to adapt to us, not the other way around.”

We have all probably tried adapting to one too many old-school travel pillows. And maybe we even caught a few minutes of sleep. Whether we enjoyed it or not is another question. The Sloodie is a whole new flight experience and it is worth checking out. 

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