For that subtle touch of the macabre to lend interest to your wood or gas fireplace is the addition among the logs and flames of these very life-like human skull replicas. Created with lava granules and aeronautical heat-resistant ceramics wrapped around an inner structure of steel these 8 to 9″ high by 6.5 to 7.5″wide artifacts are indistinguishable from real human skulls. They are a bit pricey but they will last through many a year of observing others reactions to the gruesome sight.

These imitation human skulls are crafted by Myard in California, USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Variety lends credence so the Skull Fireplace Logs ($65/ea.) come in three colors, from charred black, to ash white, to burnt brown. They are especially great for highly interactive Halloween activities. For those who delight in the horror movie chic year-round, these sturdy campfire decorations will provide visual satisfaction summer or fall. [via]