Whenever carmakers unveil concept vehicles, we already dial back our expectations. These are generally designed to hype up future technologies, but sadly most never make it beyond this stage. However, there are exceptions, and we hope the ŠKODA Vison 7S is one of them. Like many upcoming platforms, this is a green SUV.

Press details note that the Czech marque plans to launch the seven-seater along with a compact crossover and a supermini by 2026. It seems like Tesla will face even more competition in the EV space in the coming years. According to Volkswagen, the Vision 7S will use the modular MEB platform. By 2025, its latest SSP architecture will serve as a replacement.

ŠKODA’s new SUV appears to be an emission-free alternative to the Kodiaq. Climate change proponents should be glad to know that the growth of EV adoption looks promising. The Vision 7S’ fully electric powertrain calls on an 89 kWh battery to give a mileage of about 373 miles. Installed beneath the floor, it distributes the weight evenly so as not to affect stability and handling.

Its muscular stance is embellished with what the manufacturer calls the Tech-Deck Face. It’s a revamp of ŠKODA’s signature cosmetic styling for the front of its cars. Meanwhile, the headlights and taillights are in a distinct T-shape, while the exterior flaunts clean lines on both ends.

Other distinct features of the Vision 7S are the seven vertical cutouts on both front and rear bumpers. These are not only for show as the openings facilitates cooling. “Through our new brand identity, we’re getting ready for the electric future,” ŠKODA marketing boss Martin Jahn notes. “With the new styling, we’re taking the brand to the next level.”

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Images courtesy of ŠKODA