Lignum Wood Crafts of Madgeburg, Germany have done something no one else ever has; they have made a (mostly) wooden knife! The SKID Chef Knife ($160) is 97% wood with only a small sliver of alloyed carbon steel to create the front cutting edge.

The ergonomically designed body of the SKID is formed of Robinia wood (Black Locust) which is much stronger (like 3X) than oak, and also has a high concentration of self-cleaning and antibacterial tannin, meaning no more chemical cleaners are necessary for cleaning your knife. The thin carbon steel blade (hardness of 59 – 61 HRC) is attached to the wood with a powerful epoxy, exclusively created to provide the strength needed for a permanent bond. The Lignum SKID chef knife has been exhaustively tested for superior performance and by its nature, the wood grain makes each knife a unique piece of practical art.