A superyacht,or any luxury vessel for that matter, is not only defined by its size. Nevertheless, the gross tonnage is a crucial factor when it comes to whatever the owners needs to have on board. Shipyards generally try to cater to their client’s every whim, but sometimes it’s better to leave everything in the hands of a professional. To illustrate, check out the Skia.

This magnificent modern hull is a concept by Design Storz measuring 358 feet in overall length. We learned that the man behind the studio — Achim Storz — boasts a remarkable career in the motorsport scene. He was previously connected with McLaren and Lotus for their campaigns in Formula 1.

Therefore, those with a keen eye for aesthetics will notice hints of automotive influences on the ship’s exterior. The shift from aerodynamics to hydrodynamics must have been smooth as indicated by the sleek sporty silhouette of the Skia. It is characterized by a cohesive curves and lines from bow to aft.

Another visual element imparted on the superyacht is the two-tone paint job. The contrasting dark and light shades puportedly endows “a strong stance and dynamic profile.” Whoever commissions this project can expect lavish interiors with an open floor plan. Of course, the layout is fully customizable.

Thankfully, renders of the Skia shared by the firm provide a more detailed look at the amenities. The forward deck features a touch-and-go helipad, but most of the action is destined for the stern. Glass pools are arranged to allow the water to cascade like a waterfall.

When you’re done swimming, the fold-out terraces provide extra spaces for socializing or sunbathing at the beach club. A retractable swim platform provides access to the inviting waters below. The Skia also comes with a wellness center and jacuzzi. Finally, it can accommodate up to 14 guests and 30 crew.

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Images courtesy of Design Storz