As part of the “Made for the Makers” lineup by Vans, the shoemaker has collaborated with apron and kitchen apparel brand Hedley & Bennett to bring us the very colorful Sk8-Hi sneakers. Why, you ask, is a shoe brand fooling around with makers of kitchen apparel?

We don’t exactly know the answer, either. However, just looking at the results is instant proof that this was a match made in heaven. Hedley & Bennett, always on the lookout for utilitarian functionality, made the sneakers even more useful, but it didn’t forget that these are still Vans shoes, so customers are still getting that classic style.

They made a few changes, of course. Like pairing dark navy blue Vansguard canvas to hide spills and stains with rainbow lugged outsoles for increased grip and traction. They even threw in UltraCush H&B ampersand sock liners for maximum all-day comfort. And it wouldn’t be Hedley & Bennett without splashes of orange throughout, so you’ll find that here as well.

These kicks are certainly one of the more adventurous and bizzare Vans sneakers we’ve seen thus far. In a good way, of course. Typically, Vans shoes are somewhat diluted, neutral, and a bit understated. Simplicity and clean aesthetics make the brand so iconic among the casual crowd, of course. However, it’s nice to see some color from time to time.

Hedley & Bennett pulled it off perfectly, retaining Vans’ eye for slick, straightforward looks while bringing its own brand of crazy, vivid colors. These are $90 a pop, and they’re certainly worth every penny if you’re a Vans loyalist looking for a bit of verve in your step. Available now.


Photos courtesy of Vans and Hedley & Bennett