We’ve written plenty about Casas de México here at Men’s Gear, and for good reason. The works that come out of this Zapopan architectural firm in the never fails to impress or widen our understanding of architecture.

One of its newest masterpieces, the SJA III Cabana, is another example of just how exemplary Casas de México is in terms of integrating different spaces together to make an architecture based on harmony, not opposition. As such, the SJA III is a beachfront cabana that invites the outside in. It’s smack dab in the slope of a rugged hillside that overflows with vegetation. You essentially have a front-row seat to watch incredible views of the Pacific Ocean’s rippling waters.

And as much as it welcomes the surrounding nature, the SJA III also manages not to disrupt the beauty of the entire landscape. Both the cabana and the swimming pool are deliberately designed to look like they’re part of the natural space.

The cabana boasts a unique, unconnected roofing structure. It integrates a palapa redesigned into a cover, extruding from the mountain out toward the ocean. The swimming pool is another highlight, featuring large boulders that make it seems like a miniature pond.

You can sneak in the observatory that overlooks the majestic ocean at daytime for amazing views of the sun. Or you can check the stars at nighttime. It’s a place to relax and contemplate about our space relative to nature. A space complete with ivy draperies to help eke out the inner zen in you that aches for peace and calm.


Photos courtesy of Casas de México