Since wealthy clients normally spend a fortune on their extravagant leisure vessels, shipbuilders are often generous with customization options. However, some impose a limit on what elements are available for bespoke tweaks. Meanwhile, Sirena Yachts’ latest addition to its fleet – the 78 – encourages buyers to design the vessel to suit their personal tastes.

The Turkish company behind the 78, bills it as “the yacht that can do it all.” Given the level of freedom owners have over their ship’s construction, it’s likely no two deliveries will ever share the same layout and interior aesthetics. After all, why flaunt your riches aboard something that is just another copy from the same blueprint?

Instead, opt for a yacht that you can truly call your own inside and out. This early unveiling of the Sirena Yachts 78 shares a glimpse of what we can expect when it officially debuts at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September. The timing is also great since this season usually sees people take to the beach or the seas.

As the name says, Sirena Yacht’s new platform spans 78 feet from tip to tail. Don’t let the size fool you because the plans show that it delivers “class-leading volume.” For example, the flybridge can be fully enclosed or semi-enclosed. Those who prefer to feel the wind as they cruise can choose to keep this area open instead.

One saloon is good enough since people generally prefer to have their yachts with more al-fresco spaces. Dining, entertainment, and socializing indoors are great, but nothing beats the salty sea air and the sun or moon within view. The Sirena Yachts 78 boasts designs penned by Frers Naval architecture and Cor d. Rover.

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Images courtesy of Sirena Yachts