Ever since Simpson released the Bandit M30 helmet in the 1970’s, it has become an iconic image at international motorcycling events and races. While it still retains its original look and style, the new Simpson M30 Bandit Carbon Fiber Helmet ($599) is made of thoroughly modern materials to make it 100% DOT certified for maximum head protection.

With its composite carbon fiber shell, the Bandit M30 weighs only 2.5 lbs and is designed to rest securely on your head while still providing necessary neck rotation. Rather than a pointed chin, the Bandit features a slotted, full mouth protection shield (think Star Wars Imperial TIE fighter pilot helmet) which wraps and protects the jawline as well. Along with the breathable COOLMAX brand lining, the helmet has removable, washable chin pads and a ‘FreeStop’ shield pivot which holds the visor at any angle.

The Bandit M30 comes in four sizes; Small (55-56 cm), Medium (57-58 cm), Large (59-60 cm), and Extra Large (61-62 cm), along with one colorway – that stylish black (satin or glossy) that goes so well with everything!