Once you delve into the world of high-end kitchen appliances, there are surprising items you don’t usually see in most homes. For example, check out the 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range from Signature Kitchen Suite which combines functions needed in some modern meal preparation methods. This bad boy will take up a huge space so clear up anything unnecessary.

To give you guys an overview, SKU SKSDR480SIS stands 38.13” (including grates), spans 47.13” wide, and measures 29.31” deep (including the door handles). Moreover, it tips the scales at a hefty 529 lbs. As hinted at before, it takes up a sizable chunk of your counter space. If that’s not an issue, prepare to own one of the most feature-packed cooking equipment in the market today.

As we teased earlier, the 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range has an integrated sous vide well. If you haven’t tried steaks cooked this way, it will blow your mind. After vacuum sealing your preferred cut along with seasonings, the machine precisely holds the temperature according to the doneness you prefer. This is anywhere between 120°F 185°F.

To the right of the sous vide compartment are four gas burners. Two Ultra-High units are rated at 23K BTU, which are ideal for stir-frying and searing, while the remaining two are Ultra-Low units for the preparation of “delicate sauces and sugary confections.” Further to the right are two induction zones. Just below the 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range are the ovens.

There’s an 18” Steam-Combi oven for recipes that require a bit of moisture to preserve the appearance, texture, and taste of the food. A larger 30” traditional oven uses ProHeat convection distributed evenly across all the racks via a rear-mounted fan. Signature Kitchen Suite also equips the 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Wi-Fi connectivity for remote operations via a companion app on Google and iOS devices.

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Images courtesy of Signature Kitchen Suite