Gone are the days when a leather bifold is a must-have wallet. In this modern age where people mostly bring cards instead of cash, then a card holder is the way to go. The Shuffle Wallet, not only effortlessly lets you access your cards but also protects you from illegal data mining. 

Crafted by the team at Mobile Pixels, this everyday carry employs an innovative deck-of-cards opening mechanism. Simply flick your wrist to lay out the cards in one swift motion. It has six dedicated card slots to store your most-used cards or go for eight cards with the silicone pouch. 

The non-RFID silicone pouch is for quick access cards, like for subway passes, ID, or gym pass. Moreover, the Shuffle Wallet is integrated with (Radio Frequency Identification) RFID-blocking technology, proving a secure barrier to protect your cards from digital theft. This way, your sensitive information remains safe from unauthorized RFID scans.

This is made possible through its durable metal construction. This wallet is available in two options: titanium and aluminum, making it lightweight at just 6oz and 4.7oz, respectively. The aluminum version is offered in neon black, gunmetal, diesel green, and polar ice colorways, while the titanium comes in its sleek and raw beauty. 

Another convenient feature of the Shuffle Wallet is the NFC chip integrated in the silicone pouch. In this highly-technological age, networking has become an essential part of everyday life. The NFC chip makes it easy to exchange contact information with others with a simple tap of the wallet. Then there’s the detachable money clip for cash while optional features are also included. These include an AirTag holder to track your misplaced or lost wallet and the multifunctional TSA-approved credit card tool that has a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and more.

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Images courtesy of MobilePixels