Journalism has evolved from a pen & paper for note taking to a fully inclusive multimedia profession that requires sound, video, & instant communications. The biggest problem till now has been how to keep up with all the various recording devices and still provide professional results.

The Shoulderpod Professional Smartphone Rigs ($33-$140) have been created as a firm, steady mounts to hold your phone, video recorder, light panels, and action cams steady and convenient as you get on with the business of creating your content. The Shoulderpods are four separate rigs configured modularly so you can assemble the rig that fits your needs the best.

The Shoulderpod X1 has a G1 grip, two H1 handles, W1 wrist strap, a P1 long accessory plate, three K1 knobs, and a Z1 cold shoe. The Shoulderpod R2 Pocket Rig portable smartphone rig offers the same options with a different setup. The Shoulderpod S1 provides a tripod mount, filmmaker grip, and traveller stand with the S2 model has a spring-loaded mount specifically designed for smartphone photography. Details in the video.