Depending on the type of outfit you plan to use for the day, a pair of pants is likely essential. Of course, that is unless the occasion requires otherwise. Just like any other product, consumers should always pick those of great quality. Nobody wants a wardrobe malfunction on such short notice, don’t they? While regular ones are good enough, those who work in law enforcement or the military might want something better. This is where tactical pants such as the ones offered by LA Police Gear Come into play.

Nevertheless, the products they sell are not only for those who live by the motto to protect and to serve. Even regular folk like us who need a tougher and more versatile alternative than what casual or formal pants can deliver. Thus, we believe it’s time you check out what tactical pants bring the table.

About LA Police Gear

As the name already implies, the company was founded in 2001 by a group of police officers stationed in Los Angeles. The original goal was to provide exceptional products particularly for those in law enforcement. Eventually, their target market grew beyond their original scope. It now includes the average joe who is after high-quality products that can withstand the abuse.

While we mentioned tactical pants at the beginning, the catalog offers a wide selection of brands and gear for any situation. Now, the store carries all types of items intended for emergency, military, private security, police, outdoor activities, and more. Chances are, the equipment, EDC tools, and accessories you are looking are available for order.

Tactical Gear With Price Match Guarantee

As indicated above, LA Police Gear now caters to anyone other than those who serve in the military or law enforcement. Therefore, the store sells a comprehensive inventory from categories such as clothing, lights, bags, packs, lifestyle, knives, duty gear, shooting, holsters, footwear, and first aid among others.

Even the most discerning shopper will likely find if after browsing the online outlet. Moreover, in line with the company’s mission to sell its wares at the lowest price possible, buyers can take advantage of the price match guarantee. As long as it meets the terms and conditions specified on the website, this assures anyone that they are spending their money in exchange for a great value.

What Are Tactical Pants?

Now that you are informed of what you can find on LA Police Gear, we’re going to do a quick overview for a specific type category. Similar to other heavy-duty apparel for use in recreational activities, tactical pants are engineered and crated specifically to deliver exceptional comfort and toughness.

These tout a design that can withstand a wide range of rough conditions and provide adequate protection for the user. Dynamic is the name of the game. The material it uses is resistant to wear and tear from almost all types of motion and positions. Furthermore, the superior flexibility of the material can stretch so that there is no restriction for any type of movement.

Another cool feature of tactical pants is the storage space for various items. There should be enough options that would suit even the most demanding requirements. LA Police Gear carries several brands in its lineup. 5.11 Tactical, Oakley, Under Armour, Arc’teryx, and TRUE-SPEC are some of the high-profile names available on the store page.


By now, you already have a good idea of what a good pair of tactical pants brings to the table. As long as your daily or weekend activities require a durable and adaptable outfit, then LA Police Gear has got your covered. Check out the official webpage to shop for your tactical needs.

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