The Shomer-Tec Escape Boot Laces is a life-saving tool you never knew you needed. It can help you escape restraint and from life-threatening situations.

These are no ordinary boot or shoelaces: they are survival laces. They don’t break easily with prolonged use and may even outlast the boot you use them with. The laces are woven Technora so they are guaranteed durable and strong with an amazing break strength of over 950 pounds. Moreover, they are resistant to ultraviolet degradation and water, highly abrasion-resistant, have low stretch, and do not melt. Likewise, they hold knots well and coated with PTFE for added protection from external elements.

The Shomer-Tec Escape Boot Laces, because of their strength, can easily provide you with state-of-the-art survival rope less the bulk and heft that come with regular cordage. These laces also have bonded tips to prevent frayed ends and ultimately weakened aglets.

Outside of its physical factors, these ingenious laces hide a survival tool that you may need in emergency scenarios such as escaping capture. They have a patented handcuff key that you can attach to any of the lace tips. It attaches through a combination of suction, compression, and friction for a secure hold but deploys easily when needed. It hides discreetly until needed and easily accessible even when handcuffed behind the back by bending the knee up.

Best of all, the Shomer-Tec Escape Boot Laces are are super strong and resistant that they can cut through zip-ties, paracord, or duct tape. They come in five length sizes namely 36″, 45″, 54″, 60″, and 72″.

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Shomer-Tec Escape Boot Laces

Shomer-Tec Escape Boot Laces

Images courtesy of Shomer-Tec