No bigger news came out of the Paris Fashion Week than Berluti and Ferrari launching a new shoe collection. One that apparently takes inspiration from “gentlemen drivers,” as the luxury automaker puts it.

The two have joined forces for three new shoe models, a slip-on, an Oxford and a Chelsea boot, complete with signature stitching and Ferrari Red piping detail in the heels. The shoes are available November from select of Berluti stores and online.

Because carbon fiber is heavily implemented into Ferrari cars, especially the more recent ones, the shoes have received a similar treatment. And every element, like detail and styling, takes inspiration from Ferrari vehicles. That includes the sculptural, sinuous shapes and stitching. The shoes evoke Ferrari’s instantly recognizable exterior styling and exquisite interiors.

“These are the lightest shoes that Berluti has done ever. These are shoes which have real technology in them, with carbon fiber that is used for cars for driving,” says Ferrari chairman John Elkann. “It’s a very special grip that you have on the sole and this is taking inspiration from the engine.”

The idea was to try and capture the vibe of the gentleman driver back in the ‘60s. We won’t be glamorizing the ‘60s here, of course, especially when its ills and errors reverberate to this day. But there’s something notable about the simpler, more refined design inclinations of that era. Which is especially in the automobile sector. We understand why Berluti and Ferrari have such a fascination for the decade.

The Berluti and Ferrari collection coincides with the release of the Monza SP1 and SP2. Both were inspired by vintage models but outfitted with modern technology.


Photos courtesy of Ferrari