The growing demand for versatile urban mobility platforms is pushing innovation forward in so many ways. Electric scooters are becoming ubiquitous and Shimizu is currently crowdfunding the most portable version yet. Dubbed the Arma, it is a potential game-changer as they’ve billed it as “the most compact e-scooter ever.” Based on the details provided, we hope it delivers.

It appears we’re not the only ones with positive expectations. As of this writing, the Kickstarter page already shows it has surpassed the $33,949 goal with 42 backers pledging $43,233. It now pushes Shimizu to publish a stretch goal of $150,000 with 52 days left. It might not be the first folding e-scooter on the market, but its forte lies elsewhere.

Most collapsible models rely on a hinged stem to reduce the physical footprint of their two-wheelers. The Arma, on the other hand, employs a hollow yet robust frame to accommodate the parts that normally stick out, which ultimately leaves us with a laptop-sized form factor small enough to fit inside a backpack or carry-on.

No need to worry about parking space when you can just haul it along anywhere. Despite its weight of approximately 10 lbs., the e-scooter can support a maximum load of 220 lbs. The swappable 36V 3.5 Ah battery powers a 250W motor good for seven miles on a single charge with a top speed of 14.9 mph.

The e-scooter relies on wheels shod in solid tires but features a suspension system for a smoother ride. “Arma is no ordinary e-scooter. It’s your companion in conquering city limits, crafted for comfort, and built with resilience. Our innovative design integrates functionality with elegance, creating a ride that commands attention,” wrote Shimizu.

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Images courtesy of Shimizu