Camping the classic way means you take no shortcuts. We had to put it that way given some folks just hop on their RVs and adventure trailers for a quick outdoor getaway with creature comforts on demand. In the meantime, the rest of us who choose to rough it out should hope this portable grill concept makes it to production.

Designed by PDF Haus’ Dahae Lee, this compact yet fully featured meal preparation equipment hardly fits its description as a “minimal camping grill.” Given seasoned outdoor enthusiasts would gladly cook their food over an open fire with items sourced from their surroundings, the Shelf is a luxury-grade option in comparison. 

Before we dive into the details, let’s get something odd out of the way. Of all the brands that would likely develop camping gear, she opted for DHL. At first, it’s completely unrelated for a global logistics company to slap their label on a grill. Nevertheless, Lee might have been inspired in one way or the other by the German courier service.

For convenient transport, the Shelf resembles a briefcase when not in use. There’s a carrying handle on top, two latches at the bottom, and legs that fold flush into the metal housing. When deployed, it turns into a freestanding tabletop gas grill with two side shelves and another two below. Overall, there’s plenty of room to hold ingredients and for meal prep work.

The bottom holds a battery compartment for its piezoelectric ignition system, a receptacle for the gas canister, and a detachable drip pan. The grill grates are removable to access the burners below for maintenance. Given our love for outdoor barbecues, the Shelf presents a clever and stylish product people would want to have handy.

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Images courtesy of Dahae Lee/PDF Haus/Behance