The Shelbru System helps make the perfect cold brew in a mess-free, fast, and simple method. It comes in a carafe design accompanied by its family of containers.

Store, sift, brew, and serve cold brew in a heat-resistant borosilicate glass container that can make up to three jugs of coffee concentrate. The system is designed to take you from start to end of the brewing process. It begins with Shelbru’s Smart Canister which keeps your beans fresh and prevents oxidizing and developing any off flavors thanks to an active vacuum-sealing lid. 

A single button on the surface of the lid activates the vacuum by releasing air and moisture from inside the container. There’s also a sensor in the lid that monitors the container’s internal pressure and another press of the button releases the vacuum, allowing you to access the contents. 

The Shelbru System also comes with the Shelbru Sifter which comes with a sieve built into its lid. This sieve helps separate large grounds from fine grounds for a uniform taste in your brew. It comes with two interchangeable filters – 500µm and 800µm so you can adjust the ground’s consistency either for espresso or French press.

Lastly, Shelbru’s Brewer and Carafe is where the brewing process happens overnight. It features Shelbru’s borosilicate outer vessel and a dual-filter metal insert that holds the coffee grounds and water. The insert features a double filter lining that comprises of an inner 600 wire mesh and an outer 500µm filter. Simply attach the insert to the Brewer’s vessel and pour the coffee grounds inside before filling it up water.

Then close the Brewer with a lid and refrigerate or put in the counter to allow the water to infuse with the coffee grounds. Once the cold brew is done, simply pop open the lid, remove the insert, and serve using the Carafe Lid. The Shelbru System gets rid of the disposable coffee filters and lets you enjoy dark, rich tasting cold brew at home.

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Images courtesy of The Shelbru System