Say goodbye to the ordinary mini fridge with the Rocco Super Smart Fridge. It’s designed to revolutionize your beverage storage system with its easy-to-use and customizable features. It also adds a stylish accent to your kitchen, bedroom, or living space with its midcentury modern design.

This mini fridge stores drinks of all kinds and uses the same compression tech as sub-zero compressor for maximum power at ultra-quiet refrigeration. It has unique isolated temperature zones for ultimate control and reversible and modular racks that can fit every bottle, box, and can. It can store 27 Bordeaux bottles, 88 cans, or a variety of both. 

The Rocco Super Smart Fridge has four cooling modes for a range of beverages and has 100% extension racks that pull completely out of the fridge so you can access everything even those stored at the back. Whereas, a multifunctional top serves as space for extra bottles and comes with a serving tray to mix and serve drinks.

Moreover, this fridge is also just the right size to fit any space where a side table would at just 15″ deep. It is compact so it can be freestanding or used under-counter. But what sets it apart from its kind is its smart controls. Its companion app lets users see inside the fridge and control the temperature without actually touching the appliance through the Patented Sight System.

The Rocco Super Smart Fridge offers temperature digital controls in-app and on the fridge with a range between 37°F and 64° F. Likewise, dimmable lights controlled in-app illuminate the drink collection and frameless, triple-layer UV reeded glass helps diffuse light for improved insulation.  

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Rocco Super Smart Fridge

Images courtesy of Rocco Fridge