Watery cocktails are never fun and so are the tepid ones. To solve this problem, the team over at Discommon Goods have come up with a simple yet functional solution that does not involve ice: the Lowball 3.0 chiller. 

This product was years in the making and rightfully so, as it had to be done right. After endless iterations and as the team shared, “some stalling,” they have designed a chiller that defies its form. It doesn’t look like your typical wine or spirit chiller with its mug-like form. 

While some come in tall tumbler-inspired designs, the Lowball 3.0 is a cross between a whiskey glass and a mug. But as Discommon Goods said, it takes some tactile assurances to know its purpose. Its shape and texture were carefully considered to give a pleasing feel to the the user. 

It wasn’t made on the get-go. As the team said, they “tweaked and positioned and fettled every facet to satisfy your tactile fascination while you sit and sip.” This chiller is on the hefty side too. That’s a given considering it’s crafted from machine billet 6061 aluminum, then hand-finished to give the body a uniform satin appearance.

Aluminum is a good heat transfer material and so it’s not a fan of ice cubes as it will just “sweat” the ice out. If you want to chill your drink, simply pop the Discommon Goods Lowball 3.0 chiller in the freezer beforehand. Give it a quick stir during use and you’ll have a refreshing, undiluted ice cold drink ready (but not the slushie kind). 

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Images courtesy of Discommon Goods