Microwaves have adapted with the times in terms of design and functionality. Aside from incorporating smart features, nothing much has changed when it comes to their portability. Even the small ones still require heavy lifting. Designer Park Saun challenged the design factor with the Foldwave concept, aptly named as such because it’s a foldable microwave.

Winner of the 2023 Red Dot Award Design Concept and the Asian Design Prize, the Foldwave microwave features a collapsible design that easily turns into a one-handed carry case to give users the option to transport the machine anywhere with ease. At the heart of this ingenious design is how it goes from cube-shaped to compact instantly. That’s primarily because of the sides of the microwave that buckle inwards, enabling the top and the bottom parts to join together into a compact carrying volume.

Think of it like a cake box that has collapsible edges so it packs flat when in storage. Meanwhile, a handle at the top makes for easy one-handed carry. With its cube shape intact, it works just like any microwave machine where you open the glass door, put the food in, and dial the required time. The Foldwave is still in the concept phase so details are scarce. 

When in its collapsed state, the components are expected to be secured in place so they don’t move around during transport. The microwave magnetron is at the top presumably with the high-voltage transformer powering the device. Meanwhile, the battery unit could be at the bottom along with the rotating platform. 

When it comes to microwaves, it’s also important to seal in radiation. This is something that the Foldwave has yet to take into consideration especially when it’s foldable and could leak radiation during transport.

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Images courtesy of Park Saun