Nothing beats a summer or vacation spent close to the ocean. The sand, the sea, the waves beckon us to try different activities such as surfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and a whole lot more. However, we have to be aware that the water also holds a lot of hazards. Those who are unprepared face the risk of drowning in worst case scenarios, even a shark attack. Which, is why we need to be sensible and respect marine wildlife or we could just slip on the Sharkbanz 2 and carry on with all the fun.

This second-generation discreet shark deterrent is an innovative approach that does not involve any harmful chemicals that might pollute our waters or harm aquatic life. Instead, it relies on powerful magnets to discourage our toothy friends from taking a bite out of us. It’s designed to be worn on your wrists or ankles and does not require any power source to function.

Studies have shown that Sharks rely on a special set of electroreceptor cells that can detect electric fields emitted by animals and humans. These actually aid the fish when it’s hunting for prey. The Sharkbanz 2 uses advanced technology to generate an electromagnetic field that wards sharks off. The product has been tested by a team of experts in shark-infested waters and the results are impressive. Nevertheless, we might take a rain check on swimming when man-eating fish are hanging about.

Keep those pesky sharks away now

Photos courtesy of Sharkbanz