When the Nothing phone (1), was teased earlier this year, the hype surrounding it took the tech industry by storm. Specifications-wise, it was a decent mid-range smartphone, but what drew people in – aside from its quirky gimmicks – was the see-through design. SHARGEEK capitalizes on this demand for gadgets with transparent shells and presents the STORM2 Slim.

These days, the modern consumer relies on devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more to get through the day. All is well if a power outlet is nearby, but it’s another story when you’re out and about. The STORM2 Slim is a high capacity and output power bank for your on-the-go charging needs.

What sets it apart from the competition, is the open-work aesthetics and cutting-edge functionalities. Most of the portable power solutions on offer are utilitarian at best. This means most manufacturers don’t even put too much effort into looks. Technically, as long as it gets the job done the product should be okay.

SHARGEEK, on the other hand, puts emphasis on presentation and the user experience. The STORM2 Slim comes with a clear polycarbonate shell wrapped around an aluminum alloy frame. This gives you a peek inside the batteries and the components that make it all work. Another noteworthy feature of the STORM2 Slim is the IPS LCD display.

The screen allows you to view various details about the power bank with a push of a button. Its 20,000 mAh/72 Wh system supports up to 130W Power Delivery. You have two ports: USB-A and USB-C for charging up to two devices simultaneously. Finally, SHARGEEK points out that it is airline-safe, which is perfect for digital nomads.

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Images courtesy of SHARGEEK