The Shanye X Phantom Tech Hamster is a foam dart blaster designed by renowned designer Shanye and produced by Phantom Tech. It’s an ultra-compact, single-shot blaster that shoots 36mm half-length darts. 

It’s very thin, with a size not much thicker than a phone. It’s also sized at just 5.9″ long and 3.3″ wide, making it inconspicuous if you want to bring it to work for some stealth games in the office. It fits easily in the pocket and is lightweight too.

Despite its compact size, the Shanye X Phantom Tech Hamster blaster can still amazingly fire full-length darts and short darts. It can hit up to around 120 feet per second. It’s also designed for the whole family to use and enjoy, as it has no screws that could be potentially harmful for children.

This toy blaster is crafted out of polycarbonate and supersonic welded closed together. It features a barrel and a metal plunger tube that’s exposed on the outside. This toy is also easy to operate. Simply pull the plunger all the way down, insert a foam dart in the barrel, and press the trigger. It gives off a satisfying blast that’s soft in the ears.

The Shanye X Phantom Tech Hamster is essentially the injection molded version of the 3D-printed Shanye Leaf blaster. This is the first batch of a series of new products Phantom Tech is releasing following the success of their first injection-molded blaster Kirin Type-A. It is available in three colors including Purple/Green, White/Blue, and transparent with more color schemes expected to arrive in the future.

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Images courtesy of Phantom Tech