The resourcefulness of people never ceases to amaze us. Why stick to whatever others already do when you can stand out? Although some projects may seem impossible at the beginning, persistence can produce remarkable results. Furthermore, some engineering know-how is crucial to success as well. The Typhoon from Shadow Six Racing is all the encouragement you need.

As crazy as it seems, this is what you get when creative individuals have too much free time on their hands. The experience one can enjoy from a side-by-side and personal watercraft is what Shadow Six Racing’s all-in-one platform brings to the table. It’s billed as “the first aquatic utility vehicle or ‘AUV’ ever made available to motorsports enthusiasts.”

Let everyone else ride their PWCs, while you and your buddies drive around aboard the Typhoon. This is not your typical marine machine, but it’s a hell of a lot cooler than what the others have out on the water. The manufacturer is building it out of aerospace-grade titanium and carbon fiber.

You can already guess the materials are essential to keep the Typhoon’s weight to a minimum. Shadow Six Racing then outfits the composite hulls with twin Yamaha GP1800 SCHO R marine engines. These combine to generate up to 500 horsepower. Its standard powertrain configuration allows the Typhoon to hit speeds up to 60 knots.

Meanwhile, optional Riva racing performance upgrade kits should boost that to over 70 knots. Your Typhoon can accommodate up to three people. It does not come cheap either as prices start at $250,399. However, the unique silhouette and the envious stares you get from onlookers make it worth every penny.

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Images courtesy of Shadow Six Racing