For the longest time, Logitech is the brand of choice when it comes to universal remotes. The company’s aptly-named Harmony series is still everyone’s go-to option to control multiple devices with just one gadget. However, a fresh upstart is stealing some of its thunder with an innovative product of their own. The Sevenhugs Smart Remote U is the follow up to its original successful Kickstarter project. This new model costs $100 less than its predecessor but manages to pack all of our favorite features except for one.

This caveat is hardly a dealbreaker given that this smart remote is practically compatible with over 650,000 devices. Its seems that the only thing missing from the Smart Remote U is the Point Mode. This feature allows the gadget to recognize the device you are pointing at and switch the control buttons on the screen. This clever function uses motion sensors and an indoor positioning system to recognize what you’re pointing at. Other than this, you’re still holding one futuristic piece of technology.

For convenience and superior compatibility, this digital remote control is equipped with Bluetooth, infrared, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The maximum number of devices profiles one remote can store is 80, which is quite impressive. Users can customize everything through a companion app for both iOS and Android platforms. Instead of physical buttons, you will be using the dynamic 3.4-inch touchscreen to interface with your collection of devices. Meanwhile, the built-in 700 mAh battery is good for three days of use. Finally, the included charging base keeps your Sevenhugs Smart Remote U ready at all times.

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Images courtesy of Sevenhugs