The Seven & Me Coffee Maker lets you enjoy barista-quality java in the comfort of your home with a simple push of a button. The innovative design saves time by brewing and frothing your drink simultaneously so you have a steaming cup ready when you need it.

“Brew. Froth. and Enjoy.” This is the motto Seven & Me wants to achieve with its ingenious machine that comes with five presets. It saves time and money whenever you need a shot of espresso, or a cup of cappuccino, latte, or macchiato. This machine does all in a one-click operation and in no more than three minutes.

The Seven & Me Coffee Maker uses pressurized boiled water to pass through 16 grams off coffee grounds to give you a grande-sized double shot espresso with the perfect crema. Meanwhile, the barista-standard 60 degrees precise temperature control frother gives you 11.8 ounces of silky smooth naturally sweet frothed milk. The frother also features a pitcher design so you can easily pour milk foam and indulge in some latte art sans any tools.

You don’t have to be a barista to make cafe-quality coffee at home. The milk cup has a fill line that guides how much milk needed for each coffee. This removes the need for guesswork anytime and every time. The frother also works with both plant-based or dairy milk.

Best of all, the frother in the Seven & Me Coffee Maker lets you mix and match ingredients with your milk. You can add cocoa, matcha, vanilla and more to tickle your tastebuds.

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Images courtesy of Seven & Me Coffee Maker