Keys, wallet, phone. These are the 3 essentials that every guy grabs when leaving the house. Unless your door has a Sesame Smart Lock ($100,00). Then you can just leave your keys behind.

Designed by CANDY HOUSE in California, this is a clever device allowing you to replace your keys with a smartphone. It features military-grade encryption (TLS 1.2), installation is super-simple (no need for any tools), and Sesame’s five-patented design works with just about any single cylinder deadbolt out there. It comes with lithium batteries that will last for about 500 days, and the lock is programmable, so it opens with a secret knock on either your phone or the door. You can also allow guests in no matter where you are, and control who has access & when, while the app notifies you whenever the door opens/closes.

If you’re wondering what happens in case you lose your phone or its battery dies, the answer is you’re screwed! No, not really. You can use a neighbor’s phone to download the app and open the door.

Sesame Smart Lock 1

Sesame Smart Lock 2

Sesame Smart Lock 3