The Seiko Mai Bedroom Alarm Clock is inspired by the iconic aesthetic of the company’s dive watches. It’s a collector’s item that looks great on any nightstand and functions well too. 

This clock features a precise quartz crystal movement for the most accurate timekeeping. It has a sweeping second hand that performs silently without that annoying ticking sound. Meanwhile, LumiBrite hour markers and hand accents make this clock easy to read in the dark. The added green backlight function that you activate by pressing the “crown” button on top further makes the time visible for those with bad eyesight. 

The Seiko Mai Bedroom Alarm Clock can awaken even the sleepiest person with the flashing of the face LED lights when the alarm rings. As with any of its kind, this model also has a snooze function (via the same “crown” button) if you want to catch a few extra hours of sleep

This clock runs on one AA battery (included in the box) and is just the right size to place on your bedside table or work desk at a size of 3.74″ H x 3.70″ L x 1.97″ W. It weighs just 2.2 kg. and is available in a variety of colors on its watch face including Metallic Green, blue, Black, Classic Black, Classic Blue, Metallic Blue, Silver, and Metallic Black & Gold. 

The Seiko Mai Bedroom Alarm Clock is backed by a one-year warranty by the manufacturer with its workmanship and material guaranteed of the highest quality. Seiko is internationally recognized for precision timekeeping and innovation. The meticulous craftsmanship speaks of the company’s dedication to providing only the finest timepiece that lasts. 

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Images courtesy SEIKO Store