We probably all know what Segways are, seeing as they exploded in popularity several years ago. And although we’re seeing less and less of them these days, they remain a staple mode of transport in many places, especially malls.

Segway isn’t done reinventing the casual transport scene, though. So it’s back with a new schtick: The Go Kart. Like the Segway before it, the Go Kart is an electric ride. It has two adjustable motors and goes from zero to 12mph in just two seconds. No jaw-dropping powertrain here, obviously, but it’s decent enough for a kart. Surprisingly, you can drift in it. It’s the first-ever go kart that can do that.

The Segway Go Kart, designed for kids and adults alike, can fit any type of person thanks to the adjustable frame. That and as long as they’re not more than six foot and three inches tall. And since it’s an electric vehicle, you’re getting electric brakes, but just in case those fail, there’s a backup handbrake for added safety.

The Segway Go Kart can also be paired with its own companion app for added features, such as being able to see how fast you’re going, what your range is, and a lot more details in real time.

Let’s talk about the design. Segway’s take borrows elements from the current go kart design mold, but elevates it into a sleek-looking, eye-catching ride. We’re still not sure what you’re going to be using it for, though, apart from mini races around the block. But we’re sure someone is going to find lots of utilitarian use cases for this ride.


Photos courtesy of Segway