While the mass reproduction of music on vinyl records is mostly a thing of the past, audiophiles still prefer the more organic analog sound. This has caused a sharp rise in interest of obtaining a machine to play these media recordings.

Japanese designers HYM Originals have designed an all-in-one system they feel is superior to any other of this type machine. The Seed Turntable ($410) sits atop the speaker housing and uses a patented shock absorber system to isolate the turntable and nullify the vibrations even from the speakers at volume. The Seed has a 70-watt output through two 1″ tweeters, two 4″ subwoofers, and the Technica Hi-Fi phonograph cartridge.

But Seed does much more than just play old records. It has Bluetooth connectivity as well as WiFi accessibility for streaming music from the Internet. It can also connect to other audio systems via RCA, SPDIF, and 3.5 AUX in/output to become the ‘seed’ of a much larger home theater.